What Is Illegal Dumping?

According to a study of U.S. plastic trash that was published in the journal of Science Advances, every year, more than a million tons of plastic rubbish fall into places where it shouldn’t! Did you know that 1,300 plastic shopping bags per person end up in places like waterways and roadways harming the environment we […]

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Environmental Impacts of Garbage and Trash

Over the past 50 years, both the global population and the amount of trash created per person have dramatically increased. Every person has a responsibility to contribute to maintaining the earth because they are a part of the ecosystem. This entails keeping the area litter-free and getting rid of the trash in a dumpster rental […]

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Is Dumpster Diving Legal?

Dumpster diving is a peculiar activity that entails looking through trash for goods that might be thrown out by their owners but might still be helpful to other people. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is a saying supported by this behavior. The question of its legality can be a little unclear and could […]

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