Even though it has received little attention for a long time, the dumpster is one of the
finest inventions of the 20th century. Without George Dempster’s invention of the
dumpster, the 21st century’s modern and urban towns would have been inundated
with mounds of rotting trash that could have been the start of numerous illnesses.
Cities did not become aware of the detrimental impact of roadside trash on the
public health system until the 20th century. The first sanitation office was established
as a result of the dumpster’s invention, and it was responsible for maintaining the
streets’ cleanliness.

The original creator of the dumpster, George Roby Dempster, was the mayor of
Knoxville and had painful experiences transporting municipal rubbish through his
construction company. He used his understanding of heavy equipment to develop
what is now known as the dumpster—a more useful method of gathering, moving and
getting rid of waste. When the first dumpster was used in 1935, Mr. Dempster
intended to utilize it only for his construction company. However, once his rivals
began ordering dumpsters, Dempster eventually gave up on the building and shifted his
focus to manufacturing dumpsters in huge quantities.

The dumpster evolved into the nation’s first front-loading garbage collection truck to
see commercial success. It was not intended for the driver of this vehicle to have to
personally move the dumpster to a landfill. Today, one truck is capable of
simultaneously emptying multiple dumpsters. The effectiveness and speed of waste
collection have greatly risen as a result. All dumpster manufacturers still adhere to the
dumpster’s heritage to this day.

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