It’s a good idea to contact a waste audit professional at any time when you want to identify ways to reduce the amount of waste you are generating, lower your disposal costs and improve your environmental performance.

Here are a few examples of when it may be beneficial to conduct a waste audit:

  • When you’re planning a construction or renovation project and want to minimize the amount of waste generated.
  • When you’re looking to lower your waste disposal costs or want to find ways to recycle or repurpose more of the waste you generate.
  • When you’re trying to improve your company’s environmental performance and want to find ways to reduce your environmental impact.
  • When you’re looking to comply with local, state, or federal regulations regarding waste management.
  • When you’re looking to improve the efficiency and productivity in your facility, and want to identify ways to streamline your waste management process.
  • Your business or organization is looking to reduce its environmental impact and decrease waste disposal costs.
  • You want to identify ways to increase recycling and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.
  • Your business or organization is interested in achieving a zero-waste goal.
  • You are looking for ways to comply with local or state waste reduction regulations.
  • Your company is experiencing an increase in waste volume and cost, and you’re looking for ways to address this issue.

Overall, a waste audit is an excellent way to gain a better understanding of your waste streams, identify inefficiencies and prioritize areas for improvement. This information can then be used to develop a more sustainable and cost-effective waste management plan.