Cut Down a Tree? We’ve Got You Covered

For easy disposal of tree logs, rely on Dumpster Near Me. Our recycling facility can transform them into mulch. Just remember, logs must be 7 feet or shorter. No weight limit if only tree debris is present. No dirt or root balls allowed. 

Don’t let anything else go in the dumpster or it will be treated as regular rental with weight limits, costing $50.00 per extra ton at the landfill.

At Dumpster Near Me, we provide prompt and efficient service. Our team will arrive within an hour of your scheduled appointment and expect the dumpster to be filled within an hour. 

Need extra time? 

Consider our 15-yard dumpster rental option. We can even lower the dumpster for easy loading.

Note: We don’t accept yard waste, clippings or small branches that aren’t attached to larger logs. We only accept large logs and stumps.


Call us today for delivery of your dumpster!